A business is like a shark, a shark must swim forward to breathe – a business must grow profitably in order to survive in the long term. Since the latent potential is there in every business, we enable businesses and business people to realise the potential and achieve sustainable performance. Enzio Ferrari said: “Those who came second are the first of those that came last...”

Sustainable performance therefore means: BECOMING THE BEST GAME IN TOWN.

 -- Organisation Development Experts --
 -- Who we are --


IBFN was formed in 1995 as a facilitation company positioning itself in the market as an intellectual capital leverage partner focussing on helping organisations through turbulent and dramatic changes.

Peter Schwarts said it best:
“Our success in planning had much more to do with their exceptional capabilities as managers than with any “magic” from a new technique”
- The Art of the Long View. 1991.

 -- What we do --


IBFN established itself as strategic planning facilitators, change management catalysts as well as organisation development experts, backed up with sound theory and research. IBFN achieved major successes with instalment finance banking institutions; the turn-around and sustainable safe production in the gold mining industry; the globalisation strategy and factory optimisation of businesses in the ceramic industry; the building of specialised aerospace design, development and manufacturing as a significant contributor to the holding companies involved; as well as a comprehensive multi-disciplinary management audit for multi-campus universities, amongst others.

 -- Where we've done it --


Anglo-Platinum, Impala Platinum, Lonmin Platinum, AngloGoldAshanti, Goldfields, Alexkor Diamond Mines, Denel Aerospace Systems, Aviation Monitoring Systems, Italtile, Rural Housing Loan Fund, Ceramic Industries, Royal Food Services, Klein Karoo Group and a number of tertiary education institutions.

IBFN participates, on invitation, in major sustainable development projects (from crime prevention to infrastructure development and education) with international companies such as Boeing, SAAB, Xstrata, SAP and Anglo American.